I’m staring across an ocean at you

I’m no longer in Jiangshan, so I don’t imagine I will continue to update this blog much longer, but I just have to write about my current location. I’m in the island city of Xiamen, in the southeast corner of China. Right in the rooster’s belly. It’s gorgeous, gorgeous. We’re the only people staying in a little guest house, the owners of which are very kind. We have been able to manage all right with their little knowledge of English and our little knowledge of Chinese. The house is beautiful and seems to turn into some kind of little home restaurant at night. The best part is its proximity to the ocean. We can throw on bathing suits, walk across the street, and plunge into the Pacific. It’s hard to imagine how far away we are from home. All the way on the other side of that great big ocean is America–or more likely Mexico, given our latitude– and home is still a continent away from there.

There was a Buddhist monk sitting at the next table when we brunched at a vegetarian restaurant this morning. We subsequently trolled around Xiamen University (夏门大学),which looks a lot like a Chinese Stanford. I would not mind at all spending more time here. After all, the mangosteens are cheap and plentiful.


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